JYOTI YOGA is a Scottish based, teacher training school founded in 2016 by Morag Wilson. Our vision is to create pathways and opportunities for people across all sectors of the community to experience the health, mental wellness and holistic value of yoga. Our Yoga Alliance International India (Europe Division) certification will authenticate and support the teachings our students will receive.  




Morag Wilson


I have been a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher for over 20 years. During that time I have been involved in the Training of Yoga Teachers as a Senior Tutor. Yoga is definitely 'my passion in life'. The combination of physically giving my body strength, I know that emotionally and spiritually it keeps me strong. I love the versatility of yoga, which allows me to adapt the techniques and take into so many areas, e.g., 1:1 yoga, health, education, business, fitness, professional athletes, specialist classes for health and rehabilitation. I enjoy the benefits of organising and teaching the very popular retreats at home and abroad.

'Yoga helps you to accept change within yourself and in others, learn to go with the flow'.

Sue Turner

Senior Tutor

I have been teaching yoga for over 30 years.  I live in the Midlands, where I teach Yoga and Meditation classes, I also run Yoga Retreats in Spain. Many of my years in the yoga world have been as a Teacher Trainer in the UK, as well as organising and teaching on TTC's in Australia.

I was first introduced to yoga at a young age. My mother often practiced at home, therefore, I became familiar with yoga postures from childhood. When I started my first yoga class, my relationship with yoga deepened and has gone from strength to strength over the years and continues to do so.

"Yoga philosophy deepens our understanding of life and brings us a profound understanding of who we are".


Carmelina Griffin

CPD Tutor

In 2006 I completed my Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. From then and until now I teach weekly classes, mainly in the Fife and Kinross area. I have taught in various venues such as; Studios, Schools, Women's refuge centres and Fitness Clubs. In 2013 I attended a retreat in Nepal which was mainly for Yoga, Meditation & Philosophy, this also included lots of arduous walks, it was very much a Mind and Body workout! Whilst in Thailand I attended a Buddhist Retreat Centre where I was instructed in Buddhist Philosophy and Practices, which included Classic Hatha Yoga and Meditation.

'The process of unfolding the self happens when you take up yoga. We are forever learning, this is our time to give' .